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A recently asked question on one of the forums was: Why do Plasma Blocks have to run under pressure and Del generators do not?

The first thing to note is that both units are fed pressurized oxygen or air, depending on the model. In the Del unit, a vacuum regulator reduces incoming air pressure and maintains a rated vacuum on the cell. A pressure regulator is required prior to the plasma block, but this is supplied by the integrator.

It is very important to note that the discharge from the plasma block ozone generator can be either pressure or vacuum, depending on the application. If using an eductor, the ozone generator will have an ozone outlet valve that will control the gas flow from and gas pressure inside the ozone generator.

Why is regulating pressure, vacuum and flow important? It involves achieving the rated ozone production and protecting the electronics and other internal components. Ozone generator output is calculated based on pressure, flow, feed gas being used, temperature and power. Operating outside of the rated pressure or vacuum can cause increased current and overheating of components, and equipment failure. 

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